Code database reboot

8 April 2015

Code database reboot

Due to popular demand (and also for SEO)  I have rebuilt the code database from my old website and put it back online. The codebase contains sample code for ASP,, PHP, CSS, Cold Fusion and a few other programming languages. 

I shall be adding more free website code to the codebase in the next few weeks, and if you want to download any of it, you can do so by clicking here:

You don't need to register or log in to the website to access the code, and there's no need to pay for it- it's all free. Just copy the code from the website and use it on your own projects.

The most popular scripts viewed are:

  1. Javascript isnumeric function
  2. Change background image of td table cell
  3. Add to favorites / Bookmark page script
  4. ASP Captcha security image
  5. Javascript check for valid URL syntax

Note: some of the javascript functions were written before jQuery was developed. In general I would recommend using the jQuery library when creating javascript because you will find that a lot of what you want to do has already been designed into the framework, and if it is not, then it's quite likely that there will be a jQuery plugin for it. For example,  in jQuery, if you want to check if a string is a valid number you can use the built-in jQuery.isNumeric() fuction. Note though that the jquery function validates not just integers but exponentials and hex values, so '8e5' and '0xff' will both be evaluated as true.