Advanced Web Ranking review

10 March 2015

Advanced Web Ranking review

I've tried a few SEO software packages in the last few weeks trying to find one that ticks all the boxes without breaking the bank. 

Of all the ones I've tried, Advanced Web Ranking is my current favourite. I used the desktop version a while ago but encountered problems with google blacklisting my ip address for ranking reports (this issue also affects ranking reports for traffictravis which makes it unusable), however the cloud version does not suffer with this problem as it uses it's own servers to do ranking reports.

My prerequisites are:

Essential Features:

  1. white label reports
  2. multiple websites (minimum 10)
  3. more than 20 keywords
  4. more than 5 competitor analysis
  5. branded pdf report export
  6. weekly ranking updates

Desirable Features: 

  1. social media integration
  2. host mapping (ability to use your own url for white label online reports)
  3. custom smtp server (so you can send automatically generated reports from your own email addresses)

For only $49 a month I can get all of the essential and desirable features with AWR. I've looked at WebCEO too, which is another capable cloud based SEO product, but to have all the essential features will cost $149 per month, and for the desirable features will cost about $400. 

Customer service is pretty good, they seem very fast to respond to queries via twitter and via email. There is also a handy button on the web admin system that lets you post questions and get answers immediately if you get stuck.

The only thing that I would like added is a keyword generator which extracts LSI keywords from the top google results for that keyword. For this, I use a free tool called Ultimate Keyword Hunter - which does a cracking job. 

One last thing to point out, where the cloud tools are better than the desktop ones is in the reports which can be viewed online without having to create a ftp server and web space, so sharing with other people is much easier. Also, the site is responsive so you can view your SEO reports on a mobile device.