EU Cookie rules in 2013

22 October 2013

EU Cookie rules in 2013

The Information Commisioners office (ICO) have changed their advice (AGAIN) on how website owners should be handling cookies. The current advice is succinctly summarised in the caption below:

eu cookie law 2013

The changes to the usage of cookies means that in 2013, you will no longer have to ask permission first, as long as you make it clear where cookies are used. 

To make you feel more confident about how the ICO is enforcing these rules, they've provided a handy breakdown of the amount of websites they've written to, and what action they have taken. Here it is: 


Note, these numbers are not thousands or even hundreds of site, but actually 68 websites. The ICO only wrote to 68 websites, out of the millions of websites originating from the UK.

Some commentators are claiming that this could be the beginning of the end of the privacy directive, that the well intentioned privacy advocates who started the whole process are now being overshadowed by hyterical media stories, blackmailing 'compliancy consutancies' and people complaining about their GP's website for not other reason that they have a third party weather app installed (really).

And am I alone in finding those popup, popover, slide up, slide down, slithering over the page cookie banners irksome? surely if you have an easy to understand privacy policy written in plain english and accessible at the footer of a website, that should be enough to satisfy that you have at least some understanding about what cookies you are using, and what impact they have on your site visitors.